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We've just launched our BLOG section. This is another addition to our platform that we believe will add value to our users. We want to kick off this section by sharing our vision of why we created

We understood that there was a big need for a place where all people who serve this industry can meet, transact and communicate with each other easily and efficiently. The logical move was to start with the people that are in the heart of the industry. Τhe men and women that spend their lives on board the tens of thousands of ships around the globe.

We thought long and carefully about what seafarers need in their professional life. We then started to build a platform that services all these needs. We have come a long way since the initial idea and already we have tens of thousands of seafarers registered in with thousands registering more each month. We believed in an open online community where all people can be visible to each other and have direct contact without the need of intermediaries. Seafarers can communicate with each other with messages and with companies and crew managers. They can find fellow seamen based on which ships they have served, network with future colleagues, view job requests, receive direct offers from companies, read the news, enroll for online education and certifications and a long list of other services that are in the pipeline to be offered in the near future.

For us, it is obvious that there are two categories of seafarers in the world. The ones that already have a good career and have positions in great companies and the young ones that try to beat the system and find a way to start working in a great company. For both of these categories have the same value and we strive to serve the needs of every single seafarer that has registered in our system no matter which rank and from which nationality. Vesseljoin is an inclusive online community for the maritime industry where everyone is welcome.

With the above in mind, we want to address to the ones that they are in the top of their profession by holding the top positions in the top companies of the world. By registering, you won't only benefit yourselves with all the various services we provide for free (sea job, networking, shipping news, etc...) but you help the young generation that desperately tries to find work and has to endure all the hardships in succeeding to get one. The more people we have in our system the more companies will register to find crew so the greater the chances of young seamen securing their first jobs. We would also like to make another comment here. Small companies become big and big companies can be sold out or downsized or go bust. So, it does not matter which company you work for. It matters how good you are in what you are doing. But again, this is not enough if only a few people in your existing working environment know how good you are. You must let the world know how good you are. This is VESSELJOIN.COM.

We wish to welcome everyone to our new BLOG. Please make sure you visit our platform regularly to read the news and get updated on what is happening in our industry. We will be very happy to receive your stories either in written form or as videos from your life on board. We want to receive your stories from all your life experiences as seafarers, ranging from your nighttime out in Brazil to your rough crossing of the roaring 40s. We would love to share them with the world.

You can send your stories or videos at [email protected]

Wishing you all a great professional and private life, calm seas, and fair winds.

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