The 1st Seamen Community

- Create, save & share your documents with one click
- Connect with seafarers you worked with in the past or will work in the future
- Exchange messages with fellow seamen

Connect with other seafarers and send messages directly

  • The first online community dedicated to seamen

VslJoin is your online friend that helps you with your job applications while making it easy to expand your network. You can easily find other seamen, filter them by their work history through IMO number, connect with them and exchange messages.

  • Connect with seafarers and companies
Connect with other seamen and contact them directly to ask for your next job. Understand working conditions by asking a fellow seaman who is now on board. Additionally, create your network with people that you worked in the past and with shipping companies.

Easy to apply for jobs with just one click for free

  • Create, save and share all your documents easily

Easily save all your documents online, create your employee information, copy and store all your certificates/documents and share everything with one link for free! The privacy and safety of your information is our primary concern and we take this responsibility very seriously.

  • Create your online CV easily

You will be able to easily create your online cv in minutes. 

A platform made for the seafarers
The only platform created to serve the needs of the seafarer first.

Help us put power into the seaman’s hand